Škoda Shows Natural Gas Powered SCALA G-TEC in Berlin

| Czech Republic: Mladá Boleslav | Source: Škoda

Skoda Scala gtec (gas system view)Škoda this week introduced the most eco-friendly variant of its new compact model at the CNG Mobility Days event in Berlin: the ŠKODA SCALA G-TEC. This natural-gas-powered SCALA, the second CNG-powered vehicle in Škoda’s range, completes the engine roster for the new compact model, adding a particularly efficient and eco-friendly variant.

The 1.0 G-TEC has a peak output of 66 kW (90 PS), with three CNG tanks enabling a range of around 410 kilometres in natural-gas mode, according to preliminary data. Combined with the nine-litre petrol tank, this makes for a total range of around 630 kilometres.

Christian Strube, Škoda Board Member for Technical Development, explains: “Natural gas will play a key role in Škoda’s engine portfolio over the coming years in order to lower CO2 emissions. Our natural-gas engines are becoming more and more popular with our customers because of their low emissions. And anyone driving a ŠKODA SCALA G-TEC will in future also benefit from comparatively low fuel costs in many countries.”

Skoda Scala gtec (rear view)

Škoda is building a range of eco-friendly natural-gas models. The new ŠKODA SCALA G-TEC joins the OCTAVIA G-TEC as the second natural-gas-powered model in the Škoda model range. The new SCALA G-TEC is powered by a three-cylinder turbo with a 1.0-litre displacement and an output of 66 kW (90 PS). Its maximum torque of 160 Nm is transmitted via a 6-speed manual gearbox. The SCALA G-TEC is specifically designed for CNG use and complies with the Euro 6d-TEMP emissions standard. CO2 emissions are reduced by around 25 per cent compared to running on petrol, with considerably lower nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions as well and no particulates.

CNG Range

The SCALA G-TEC comes with three linked steel CNG tanks accommodating 13.8 kilograms of CNG. This enables the compact model to cover around 410 kilometres in the eco-friendly and efficient natural-gas mode. Should the CNG run out, the bi-fuel SCALA will automatically switch to petrol mode, where a nine-litre tank allows it to cover around 220 additional kilometres and offering a combined range of around 630 kilometres.

Thanks to the integrated positioning of the CNG tanks in the underbody, the SCALA G-TEC has a luggage capacity of 339 litres – a best-in-class value for natural-gas vehicles in this segment.

Natural gas – efficient, eco-friendly

Natural gas (CNG) has a higher calorific value than petrol or diesel. It is more affordable and burns cleaner, with the added benefit that natural-gas engines are quieter. Using biomethane / renewable natural gas (RNG) derived from waste water treatment and agricultural waste processing or, alternatively, synthetic gas, again adds considerable environmental benefits, especially when the gas is produced with regenerative electricity.

Moreover, gas-powered vehicles can be filled up easily and conveniently, much like petrol or diesel models, using fuel that is becoming increasingly available in many countries around the world.

NGV Global’s statistical count suggests there are now more than 27.5 million NGVs in operation globally and 32,400 filling stations.

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