Sichuan Acts to Regulate NGV Development

| China, Sichuan | Source: Sichuan Daily News

CNG refuelling (Image: Sinopec Sichuan)

The province of Sichuan in central China has taken steps to exercise more control over its burgeoning natural gas vehicle development with the introduction of safety management practices, effective 1st February, reports China Daily. According to the Legislative Affairs Office of Sichuan Provincial Government, the legislation clearly delineates corporate and government responsibilities and obligations, and establishes a coordinating Development and Reform Commission for professional regulation and monitoring.

Sichuan province was reportedly the first to start a compressed natural gas (CNG) industry in China. After 20 years it claims to have the nation’s highest number of vehicles and filling stations, the largest gas network and has become an important manufacturing centre for specialised CNG and natural gas vehicle equipment.

A spokesperson for the Provincial Office of Legislative Affairs reportedly said the introduction of “Sichuan compressed natural gas vehicle safety management practices” will enable the government to better regulate and strengthen the province’s dedicated compressed natural gas vehicle equipment, filling stations, the management of compressed natural gas cylinders, compressed natural gas industry and provide for sustainable, healthy and stable development.

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