SEAT Introduces Mii CNG Compact Sedan to Port of Barcelona

| Spain, Barcelona

SEAT Mii Ecofuel 2014SEAT has handed over a vehicle running on compressed natural gas (CNG) to the Port of Barcelona, to promote the use of this new technology. The car is a SEAT Mii Ecofuel, which uses a specifically designed 1.0L 3-cylinder natural gas engine to deliver approximately 67 hp at 6,200 rpm. Average fuel consumption is 2.9 kg of CNG per 100 kms.

It is equipped with two CNG tanks with a total capacity of 11kgs and offers a range of 380 kilometres in gas-mode. Gas tanks are located beneath the car doors.

Additionally, it has another 10-litre 95-octane premium petrol tank used as back-up when the gas supply runs out. All in all, the SEAT Mii Ecofuel has a range of 600 kilometres.

This vehicle hand-over is the result of an agreement between the Port of Barcelona and SEAT. The hand-over, the first concerning a vehicle of this nature to an institution, was formalised in the presence of Joan Colldecarrera, Deputy President of the Port, and André Koropp, Automotive Institutions Manager at SEAT.

(Source: SEAT)

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