Scania Introduces Euro VI HD NGVs in Colombia

| Colombia: Bogota | Source: El Tiempo

Scania introduces new trucks - image by autocosmos.comScania has included two natural gas powered options to new range of Euro VI truck models being introduced to the Colombian market: the 9-litre (280HP, 320HP and 340 HP – torque 1400 to 1600 Nm) engine and the 13-liter 410 HP engine.

Scania Colombia announced the arrival of the new generation of trucks to the country last week. The brand will now offer P, G, R cabins in addition to the new S. The new models include Scania’s XT range for construction applications, for which a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) version was introduced by the Swedish manufacturer in May 2018.

All Scania truck cabs are redesigned for driver comfort, so they have even more interior space than the previous family. For example, the roof is 10 centimetres higher to 2.07 metres and for the S cab there is a flat floor that improved comfort, storage and visibility.

To service the four-cylinder vehicles, Scania offers maintenance programs with flexible plans and the Driver Services platform (training and coaching for drivers). Permanent connectivity of the fleets, together with the management of their data, is another added value that Scania will give to this new generation to reduce operating costs.

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