Scania Euro V1 Natural Gas Tractors now Operating in Mexico

| Mexico: Querétaro | Source: Scania

Scania R410 A6X2NA in MexicoScania, a leading Swedish company in sustainable transport, has introduced the first Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)-powered tractors to Mexico that conform to the Euro VI emissions standard. Scania is committed to natural gas as a fuel for cleaner trucking solutions and all Mexicans will benefit from these heavy duty vehicles that reduce particulate matter (PM10) emissions by up to 99%.

Four Scania R410 A6X2NA trucks make up this first wave of technology, safety and sustainability. Two of them have already been delivered to one of the main lines of cargo transport in Bajío, a region of West North-Central Mexico.

“As an industry we must be committed to offering alternative solutions to reduce our impact on the environment. Today more than ever we must look to the future, our planet does not have a second chance. At Scania we are ready and want to offer the best technology for the benefit of society that is economically viable and environmentally correct”, commented Enrique Enrich, General Manager of Scania Mexico.

With the introduction of these new tractors to the Mexican market Scania strengthens its commitment and leadership towards the transformation of a sustainable transport system.

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