Scania Displays CNG Bus at 2017 inter airport Europe

| Germany, Munich

Scania Citywide LF CNG on trials in FranceScania took its Citywide LF bus to this year’s (21st) edition of inter airport Europe, the International Exhibition for Airport Equipment, Technology, Design & Services in Berlin. The 12-metre model, powered by Compressed Natural Gas 320 hp gas engine, is described as an unusually flexible solution that can be easily and cost-effectively adapted to the operating conditions and needs that are typical for airports.

In addition to the 12-metre model, the Citywide LF is available as a 10.9-metre model and an 18-metre articulated bus. In its airport configuration the bus can be provided with doors on both sides of the body to allow efficient passenger flow.

The Scania gas engine is able to operate effectively using CNG, biomethane (renewable natural gas) or any mix of these fuels.

As Scania’s programme of buses is based on a modular system, it shares many parts and solutions with other Scania products, so good servicing options and spare parts availability are ensured. The simplification of servicing also facilitates the training and availability of mechanics; those who know how to work with one product can usually work with all related products, which is of course extremely cost-effective.

Scania, a Swedish vehicle manufacturer, points out that ten of Europe’s fifteen environmentally-certified airports are Swedish.

Source: Scania

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