Scania Delivers World’s First Euro 6 Gas Powered Truck

| Sweden
Scania P340 Euro 6

Scania P340 Euro 6

Scania has delivered the first natural gas truck complying with the Euro 6 emission legislation to a customer. Bring Logistics is a major Nordic player with a declared ambition of offering its customers the latest environmental solutions. The P-series truck is operated by Bring Frigo in Sweden for refrigerated deliveries in the Helsingborg area.

“We are keen to give our customers access to the latest in environmental technology. Euro 6 is the new standard we are offering our customers, entering into force from next year,” says Arne Karlsson, President of Bring Frigo Åkeri AB. “The new distribution truck from Scania has impressive performance and, running on biogas (biomethane), the emissions are very low of both harmful substances and CO2.”

Scania’s two 9-litre 5-cylinder gas engines are designed to provide the same performance as a diesel engine. Power ratings for Euro 6 are 280 and 340 hp and torque ratings are 1,350 and 1,600 Nm.

(Source: Scania)

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