Scania CNG Buses Start Operations in Tartu

| Estonia, Tartu

Tartu CNG refuelling station

Five new compressed natural gas (CNG) Scania buses were introduced to Estonia’s central-eastern city of Tartu last week, the first CNG buses to operate in this city. The buses, operated by public transport company Sebe AS, will refuel at a recently constructed filling station developed by Eesti (Estonia) Gas. The new buses can also run on biogas, which the Tartu public water utility is preparing to produce, meaning that dependence on world gas prices will decrease.

The commitment to developing an environmentally friendly methane-powered fleet followed months of study by Tartu City hall, a partner in the Baltic Biogas Bus project — an EU-funded project which seeks to encourage cities and regions around the Baltic Sea to use biogas as a fuel for public transport. It is producing strategies and policies to facilitate the introduction of biogas as a fuel — and proposals for measures to help develop the production-distribution use chain at regional level.

NGV Global recently reported on a biogas bus report developed within this project for Norway.

A Biogas Filling Station Feasibility and Profitability Study for Estonia is available Other documents about the decison-making process in Tartu are available on the City Hall website.

Strengthening climate-neutral public transport means reduced climate impact from the transport sector — the sector whose emissions are currently contributing the most to climate change.

The Baltic Biogas Bus project — part of the Baltic Sea Region programme — runs from 2009 to 2012. Under its auspices, a regional seminar entitled Usage of biofuels 10 percent by 2020? – When will biofuels become taken for granted in Estonian transportation? will take place at the Tartu Dorpat Conference Center, Struve 2nd hall, from 23rd to 24th of March, 2011, starting at 10.00.

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