Scandinavian Conference Voices Support for Biomethane-Fueled Transportation

| Denmark | Source: Biomaster

Denmark - Gron gas til transportA Scandinanvian conference held end of January in Skive, Denmark, attracted 300 delegates keen to discuss and learn about biomethane fuel for transportation, reports the BIOMASTER project. Called Green Gas for Transport, the event’s audience heard of Denmark’s “positive attitude” toward replacing fossil fuels with biogas in the near future, and enjoyed presentations from Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Skive is part of Midtjylland Region, which has a target of 50% renewable energy by 2025. Today the figure is 29%, with 50% of the fossil energy used for transportation, hence the impetus to adopt biomethane as an alternative renewable fuel for vehicles. Denmark’s second biogas filling station will shortly be opened in Skive.

It was reported that Danish climate and energy Minister Martin Lidegaard concluded his speech by saying, “I believe that gas is one of the main solutions for the future of transports”, suitable for all forms of road transport, but in particular heavy duty vehicles.

In March 2012, Denmark adopted an Energy Agreement focused on promoting renewable energy in all sectors, including the integration of biogas (biomethane) into the natural gas grid for the transport sector

The BIOMASTER webpage has a link to the presentations.

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