Sauer Compressors USA Launches Lifetime Warranty

| USA, Stevensville MD

Sauer Compressors USA WP4351 CNG Duplex at a fueling station in Charlotte, NC. Sauer Compressors USA is offering what it says is the first for its industry– a lifetime warranty on all medium and high pressure air and gas compressors. The offer applies to purchases of all new compressors, including those designed for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

Sauer Compressors USA hopes that the new warranty program will enhance the total customer experience by giving a guarantee of reliable operation from their compressor for a lifetime. The Lifetime Warranty will be protected as long as the proper scheduled maintenance is completed with Genuine Sauer Spare Parts.

An option for a Set Budget Maintenance Agreement will be available at the time of purchase giving customers the benefit of long term budget planning and worry free maintenance, if desired.

CEO of Sauer Compressors USA, Don Eaton, stated, “putting a lifetime warranty behind our compressors will give our customers the ultimate confidence when investing in our products; knowing our solutions will last them a lifetime”.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) has the potential to fuel millions of vehicles throughout the world, with significant economic, safety and environmental benefits. The US, in particular, is experiencing an ongoing movement to promote the move to natural gas as an alternative to petroleum fuels in the transportation market.

The company’s Hurricane series of high pressure compressors has remained a proven solution for CNG fill stations. Much of production is handled in house at in Stevensville, MD, the company’s headquarters. The complete compressor package is then shipped to Sauer USA’s partner and packaged with their filling station prior to installation with the end user.

Source: Sauer Compressors USA

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