Salt Takes Delivery of 44 SEAT Leon Natural Gas Service Vehicles

| Switzerland: Bern

44 SEAT Leon ST TGI natural gas/biogas for Salt, SwitzerlandSalt, the Swiss provider of telecommunication services, owns and operates extensive mobile telephony infrastructure. To manage that infrastructure, the company has taken delivery of 44 natural gas / biogas SEAT Leon ST TGI service vehicles. Salt sees these new gas-powered vehicles as currently among the most beneficial mobility solutions in Switzerland, especially in the field of corporate fleets. Not only advantageous because of low emissions, the fuel is up to 40% cheaper than gasoline.

This mode of propulsion also offers savings in taxes and leasing costs, accompanied by a positive ecological balance thanks to the 10% of Swiss biogas injected into the network for mobility.

The bi-fuel (compressed natural gas / gasoline) fleet will enable Salt to reduce its carbon footprint by 24%, and its NOx emissions by 80%. The high energy efficiency of natural gas / biogas, and technological progress will generate a cost reduction of 10% on the leasing contract, and 30% on fuel. A biogas certificate, produced at STEP Bern, was handed to Salt by the gas industry to offset the CO2 emissions of the first 1,000 kms traveled by the 44 vehicles.

Fleet development is a key sector for natural gas: it offers a fast and cost-effective response to transportation climate issues, favourable operating costs, high autonomy in bi-fuel mode, and a good refuelling network. The ever-expanding range of models is wide compared to other alternative propulsion options; a benefit that accompanies the increasing demand for natural gas / biogas propulsion so that the resale value of these vehicles increases in parallel.

Source: Gaznat SA

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