Ryder CNG Vehicle Uptake is Diverse and Widespread

| USA, Miami FL
Ryder Clean Cities Gasoline vs CNG

CNG (green line): stable, predictable, secure (Source: Clean Cities)

Ryder System Inc., a FORTUNE 500® commercial fleet management, dedicated transportation, and supply chain solutions company based in Miami, Florida, has observed transportation companies large and small across a range of applications are realizing the benefits of natural gas vehicles. As fueling infrastructure expands and natural gas vehicle technologies continue to evolve across North America, a greater diversity of fleet applications can now be supported by this alternative fuel.

Ryder comments on four new customers:

DFS Group, a luxury travel retailer, will be taking delivery of one Ryder Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) tractor this month to support DFS’ duty free stores located inside the Los Angeles International Airport. “Bringing natural gas vehicles into our LAX operation reinforces our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint through smart, environmentally-sound transportation solutions,” said Parker Gundersen, Vice President for DFS North America.

Dot Transportation, Inc., a subsidiary of Dot Foods, Inc., the nation’s first and largest food industry redistributor, has leased one Ryder CNG vehicle to support its day-to-day distribution operations in the Northern California region. “Not only is it a cleaner fuel, but we also expect to see real fuel cost savings over time,” said Kevin Buss, Director of Fleet Maintenance for Dot Transportation, Inc.

Move Loot, a full-service marketplace for buying and selling home furnishings, has signed eight Ryder CNG vehicles in California to support the company’s operations in the Los Angeles and San Francisco, Bay Area regions. “Our company’s mission is to provide a more sustainable and efficient way to comfortably and affordably furnish the home, therefore a major component to that is providing in-house pickup and delivery services for our customers,” said Bill Bobbitt, “We’re excited to further achieve our mission by converting a portion of our fleet to natural gas.”

TQ Logistics, a dedicated trucking service provider with operations based in 23 states, has leased three CNG vehicles to support its dedicated transportation model in Milwaukee, WI. The vehicles are scheduled to be delivered in October. With the signing of TQ Logistics, Ryder now expands its NGV offering into Wisconsin for the first time. The new CNG vehicles will be added to TQ Logistics’ current fleet of Ryder leased diesel powered vehicles to support its customers’ sustainability initiatives. “Even with the drop in diesel fuel prices, the stability of natural gas fuel costs, along with the environmental benefits of natural gas vehicle technology, brings significant value to our customer’s dedicated fleet operation,” said Jim Foulks, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for TQ Logistics.

Ryder now has 18 NGV maintenance facilities and more than 4,000 NGV trained technicians. Ryder’s natural gas vehicle solution provides fleets with everything from new vehicle configuration and specing, to advanced fuel tank system support, to fueling infrastructure planning and routing, to a vast NGV maintenance network and technicians to meet the needs of the customers’ distribution operation.

In addition to making natural gas vehicles available for rent or lease, Ryder’s exclusive “Flex-to-Green Lease” solution is designed to encourage and ease the transition to a greener fleet.

(Source: Ryder System, Inc.)

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