Royal Names Dual-Fuel LNG Tanker

| Norway, Stavanger

Princess Maxima of the Netherlands today played the part of godmother at the naming ceremony for the liquefied natural gas (LNG) tanker “Coral Energy”, in Rotterdam. The vessel is said by Skangass, a Norwegian LNG-based energy solutions provider, to be the first LNG vessel to use dual-fuel (LNG/diesel) engine technology in combination with direct-action propellers. It will carry LNG for Skangass from the LNG plant at Risavika to Skangass terminals in Norway and Sweden.

In 2010, Skangass entered into a long-term leasing contract with shipowners Anthony Veder concerning the ship “Coral Energy”. The ship is to be brought into operation as soon as January 2013.

“With “Coral Energy” in operation we will have completed our value chain, comprising factory, ships and customer terminals. That value chain also enables us to deliver LNG to our customers in North-West Europe. Energy-hungry companies thereby make a significant environmental gain with this eco-friendly fuel of tomorrow,” says CEO Bjørn Torkildsen.

The ship has future-oriented machinery that falls in line with all international requirements for emissions, including reductions in NOx, SOx and particulates. The ship is equipped to enable it to operate in the Baltic in winter and has ice classification for this.

“Coral Energy” is dedicated to carrying a cargo of LNG, with capacity up to 15000 m3. In a European context, the tanker is the largest ship designed for small-scale LNG.

(This article compiled using information from a Skangass press release)

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