Royal IHC Discusses LNG-Fueled Dredgers in China

| The Netherlands, Kinderdijk
DEME Minerva

LNG-fuelled Minerva

The recent Chinese Dredging Association (CHIDA)’s Board Exchange Meeting in Shanghai served as a venue for Dutch shipbuilder Royal IHC to showcase the company’s dredging innovations fueled with Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). Over 300 people of the Chinese dredging industry attended the event, including top representatives and delegations from all the major Chinese dredging companies.

LNG-fuelled hoppers
The conference started with a definition of ‘sustainability’ and how this global trend is influencing the dredging industry. IHC’s Innovation Manager Hopper Dredgers Mr Erik van der Blom and Mr Shi Wei, Assistant Area Manager China demonstrated the company’s sustainable solutions for dredging vessels and equipment.

New emission regulations initiated by the International Maritime Organisation, which now also apply to three of China’s major harbour areas, were addressed. With this in mind, the impact of strict emission regulations on vessel design and dredging operations was evaluated.

The meeting continued with the topic of LNG-fuelled hopper dredgers, the operational issues were highlighted as well as the complexity of integrating LNG fuel systems. The Scheldt River and Minerva, currently being constructed by IHC for DEME, were presented as the world’s first LNG-fuelled hopper dredgers.

(Source: Royal IHC)

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