Rotterdam Regulates Bunker LNG

| The Netherlands, Rotterdam

The Greenstream bunkering in Rotterdamwered_in_Rotterdam_Jun2013From 1 July inland shipping can officially bunker (refuel with) Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in the Seinehaven, a port in the east of the Europort area of Rotterdam. The municipality of Rotterdam has amended the Port Management Regulations to allow this. On Thursday afternoon, 27 June, Port Alderman Jeannette Baljeu welcomed clients who had come to witness the Greenstream bunkering LNG in the Seinehaven. Rotterdam is the first port in Europe where inland shipping can officially bunker LNG.

Rotterdam expects this measure to give an extra boost to the introduction of LNG as fuel.

“LNG is a new fuel for inland and ocean shipping. This means that the regulations need to be amended. Otherwise, there can be no bunkering and the innovation has no chance of success. Designating the Seinehaven as a location for possible bunkering operations is the first step towards this. Together with other port authorities (Amsterdam, Gothenburg and Antwerp, among others) the Port Authority is now preparing further international regulations”, according to Port Alderman Jeannette Baljeu.

The Port Authority expects the location of the first LNG bunker station in the port to be announced this year. Until this opens, inland shipping can bunker LNG in the Seinehaven.

Since 2011 the port of Rotterdam has had a special terminal for the storage and handling of LNG – the Gate terminal. The first inland vessels to sail on LNG are the Argonon and the recently launched Greenstream, which Shell now charters. This company will put a second LNG tanker into use in August. Shell also intends to roll out bunker facilities. This type of vessel is quieter and emissions of sulphur and nitrogen oxides are minimal. Moreover, carbon emissions can be reduced by 15%. Rotterdam Climate Initiative also champions the use of LNG by trucks, inland shipping and ocean shipping.

(Source: Port of Rotterdam Authority)

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