Netherland’s Rolande LNG Prepares Way for Bio-LNG

| The Netherlands, Tilburg

LNG tank (Rolande image)Dutch LNG fuel supplier Rolande LNG B.V. (Rolande) is taking a big step toward making road transport more sustainable by the transition from LNG to Bio-LNG. Rolande will scale up the production of Bio-LNG with the support of European CEF funding. Bio-LNG is generally seen as the only real sustainable alternative for diesel as fuel for road transport.

“With EU support we are able to get Bio-LNG to the market faster”, explained CEO Jolon van der Schuit. “This is of great importance, as Bio-LNG is the only sustainable alternative for diesel in the coming decades. Other alternatives are not viable yet from a technical and financial perspective. With our project it will be easier for transport and shipping companies to make the transition to cleaner trucks. From now on, you will not just be making the choice for LNG, but for Bio-LNG”.

Bio-LNG Project Plans

The goal of the project is to install two Bio Transformation Stations (BTS) and four Bio-LNG fuel stations in The Netherlands and Belgium. The two BTS’s will transform locally produced biogas to liquefied fuel. Liquefaction is needed to realise a range that is sufficient for the needs of road transport. The CEF project, called BIOLNG4EU, is a logical successor of the TEN-T project LNG4Haul from 2013. In this project Rolande realised four LNG fuel stations, which created a big push for the LNG market.

Renewable natural gas (RNG) can be produced at several locations in Europe. This means that the dependency on oil and gas producing regions will be decreased for Europe. This is another advantage in addition to the reduction in local and global emissions.

Currently, Rolande is a European market leader on the LNG market for trucks, a market in which companies such as Shell, Engie and Total are also active. Rolande owns eight LNG fuel stations in The Netherlands and has ambitious plans to expand its network in Western Europe. The company’s mission is to provide the cleanest economically viable fuel to transport companies.

LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) driven trucks produce less noise and have lower emissions of PM, NOx and CO2. Bio-LNG is LNG that is produced from 100% waste, manure or sludge. Bio-LNG results in minimal CO2 emissions and in some cases it will be even possible to achieve a “carbon positive” result.

Source: Rolande LNG BV – a member of NGVA Europe

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