Roadmap Planned to Deliver Stronger NGV Segment in Germany

| Germany | Source: NGVA Europe

Stakeholders for alt-fuel and powertrain development (Image from report)

Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena – German Energy Agency) has released the results of a study entitled Enhancing the role of natural gas and biomethane in transport: concept for a roadmap process. Amongst an array of findings it recognises that in Germany transport is still over 90% dependent on oil, while CO2 emissions from transport have only reduced by about 6% since 1990.

The study, available from NGVA Europe, contains recommendations for several courses of action, aimed at greater uptake of natural gas vehicles and recognition of the potential contribution of natural gas and biomethane toward achieving Germany’s CO2 reduction goal over 40% across all sectors by 2020.

Recommendations for action focus on vehicle offers, fuel supply infrastructure, taxation, and price display, ending with a strategy for development of a Roadmap process. These actions are summarised in the abridged version of the report, entitled The role of natural gas and biomethane  in the fuel mix of the future in Germany. Required action and potential solutions to accelerate  adoption in transport applications, available from Dena.

NGVA Europe will hold its next conference in Berlin this coming June, themed “Green Vehicles: Mobility for the Future”.

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