Rio Dual-Fuel Prototype Leads Way to Clean Games

| Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
The MAN designed Volksbus dual-fuel prototype

The MAN designed Volksbus dual-fuel prototype

Brazil’s Secretary of State for Transport and Economic Development, Energy, Industry and Services, together with CEG, MAN Latin America and Robert Bosch Latin America and the governor of Rio de Janeiro, Sergio Cabral, have launched the Volksbus dual-fuel prototype (CNG + Diesel). The development is part of the Rio Sustainable Transport program, which seeks to deliver a more efficient and sustainable transport to the state capital region in time for the World Cup in 2014 and the 2016 Olympic Games.

The prototype was developed with Brazilian technology by MAN Latin America, a manufacturer of trucks and buses Volkswagen, along with Robert Bosch Latin America, which accounts for the electronic fuel injection system in the vehicle, allowing the bus to operateĀ  on 90% compressed natural gas (CNG). Bosch engineers developed and tested the electronic management system in Brazil.

The CEG Group company Gas Natural Fenosa will ensure CNG supply during the testing phase of the bus and is prepared to invest in infrastructure to supply demand for vehicles with this technology, also in time for the Olympics.

MAN Latin America, in conjunction with the Transportation Engineering Program at COPPE / UFRJ, will monitor the performance of the bus during the testing phase, giving consideration to fuel efficiency, tax relief and economic feasibility of the project.

The vehicle is designed for urban public transportation – it has a Euro V compliant MAN six-cylinder rear engine and gross weight of 17 tonnes. MAN, Volkswagen’s heavy duty manufacturer, says it is the first OEM in Brazil to offer this type of dual-fuel vehicle.

“The prototype of Volkswagen presents a real alternative to diesel fuel, reducing fuel use and emission of pollutants into the atmosphere. Moreover, being able to use CNG and diesel, the bus is not restricted to a single fuel, allowing fleet owners to operate the vehicle in areas without gas supply,” said Roberto Cortes, president of MAN Latin America.

MAN states the technology reduces the emission of pollutants while maintaining the same engine power: one liter of diesel can be replaced by 0.9 cubic meters of CNG. This new system emits 80% less particulate matter and 20% less CO2.

This article compiled using information from a MAN Latin America press release.

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  1. Daniel says:

    It’s a great advance in matter of emissions, because diesel fuel currently available in Brazil has a really bad quality.