Renewable Natural Gas Fuel Growth in Europe

| Europe, Brussels
Sainsbury's Runs of Rubbish

Sainsbury’s trucks run on renewable methane from landfill.

The European Biogas Association published its Biogas and Biomethane Report 2015 last December, covering statistic of the European anaerobic digestion industry and markets. Along with the increases in the biogas sector, a steady increase was also documented in the biomethane (renewable natural gas) sector, with 87 new biogas upgrading units commissioned. “Development of biomethane industry shows outstanding results with 367 plants, a 23 percent increase compared to 2013”, said Dr. Jan Štambaský, EBA President.

Orange Gas new biomethane station Groningen (Suiker Unie)

Biomethane station in Groningen

The 367 biomethane AD plants in Europe have a total upgrading capacity of 310,000 cubic meters per hour of raw biogas. Germany leads the growth rate with 178 plants, followed by Sweden with 59 and then the U.K. at 37.

Although Sweden remains a small consumer of gas, the report states that the country has placed itself as the “European front runner in biomethane production and especially, the use of biomethane in transport.” According to EBA’s findings, Sweden dedicated 78 percent of its 1,303 gigawatt-hour (GWh) production to fuel almost 50,000 vehicles.

The Biogas Report 2015 is available free of charge for members at the EBA website’s members’ area. The report is also available for purchase by contacting the EBA secretariat.

(Source: EBA)

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