Renewable ‘Green’ LNG Replaces Petrol and Diesel for Friesland Fortnight

| The Netherlands

Albert Heijn supplier truck uses LNGThe Frisian youth wants a sustainable Friesland, without climate change and with an Elfstedentocht! That’s a very special and historical eleven-cities ice tour of some 200 kms, last held in 1997. Its been too warm since then so students have set up a challenge for everyone to move with sustainable means of transport within the borders of the province, from 1 to 14 July 2018. No petrol, no diesel. Renewable green gas is one solution.

Albert Heijn supermarkets are participating in the event, receiving groceries transported in trucks powered with Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) that has an amplified renewable component.

Albert Heijn supermarkets have been supplied by LNG trucks for years. These trucks are not only cleaner (less NOx and particulate matter) compared to diesel, they emit less CO2 and are also quieter. During the Frisian event, the green content of the LNG, supplied by PitPoint, will be increased. As a result, the CO2 profit rises to about 80% compared to diesel.

During the Elfwegentocht, Albert Heijn will transport as much as possible from the distribution center in Zwolle to Friesland with LNG trucks. On both Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays, the transport companies Dasko Koel en Vriestransporten, Tielbeke and Wezenberg supply the 25 Albert Heijn stores in Friesland with a total of 19 LNG trucks. This means that these days 100% of the trips delivering fresh and sustainable products are driven on green LNG. On the other days of the Eleven Highway Tour, the 21 LNG trucks account for about 75-80%. Driving with ‘normal’ LNG saves an estimated 10 tons of CO2 in this period compared to diesel use. The greening of LNG provides an additional saving of 55 tons of CO2 compared to the LNG usually supplied.

Greening LNG

PitPoint has been active for years in the production and purchase of green gas and the delivery for mobility. Green gas is gas from renewable sources such as vegetable, fruit and garden waste, sewage sludge, roadside grass and animal manure. Green gas has the same chemical composition and quality as natural gas (gray gas) and can therefore be fed into the natural gas grid. For the amount of green gas that PitPoint injects or purchases into the natural gas network, PitPoint receives green gas certificates. With these green gas certificates the same amount of ‘gray’ LNG can be greened. The import and greening are registered and secured by the independent institute Vertogas. The greening of LNG is a nice intermediate step towards physical bio-LNG. The green gas, which is now fed into the natural gas grid, can also be converted directly into bio-LNG and transported to the petrol station.

Cleaner Transport

“We are looking at the entire menu for alternatives to diesel, and LNG is certainly a good solution for the heavy trucks, at this stage of development to the lowest possible emissions in every type of transport,” says Peter Leegstraten, Purchasing and Innovation Manager at Ahold Delhaize Transport & Inbound Logistics. “The LNG market is now a mature market. Trucks are comparable to diesel variants and the network of LNG refueling points now has national coverage and is still growing. Moreover, it is a nice step towards bio-LNG. During the Elfwegentocht we, together with our transporters, like to make an advance.”

Source: PitPoint B.V. 

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