RariTEK and Minsk Motor Plant Signal New CNG Engine

| Russia | Source: JSC RariTEK Holding

RariTEK methane engine under developmentRussian diesel engine manufacturer Minsk Motor Plant (MMP) and industrial vehicle manufacturer RariTEK began a project two years ago that today is on the threshold of delivering a new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) engine. The cooperation falls Russia’s “Gas to Motors” development theme that is gaining momentum in this gas-rich country.

The intent of the collaboration between these major companies was the development of new internal combustion engines operating on natural gas (methane). The scope of gasification of engines included all branches of engineering: automotive, bus, road and tractor equipment. The meeting resulted in a memorandum of cooperation of JSC RariTEK Holding on the development and creation of dual-fuel (using pilot diesel for fuel ignition) gas piston engines based on MMP engines.

MMP this week spoke of the imminent premiere of the production of a gas piston engine, which will be held at the end of 2019. Alexander Rogozhnik, Director General of the Management Company of Minsk Motor Plant Holding, OJSC said “the [final] delivery date for the production of gas piston engines will depend on the test results and the volume of orders.”

MMP considers the new engines have good prospects. They will be installed on the Minsk tractor, in addition, their supplies for the Ukrainian market are being worked out. It is planned that the MMP will produce engines using compressed natural gas, and in the future – liquefied gas (LNG).

MMP sees natural gas as a promising modern trend. A significant advantage in comparison with traditional fuel (gasoline, diesel) is its low price, which allows to reduce the cost of operation and maintenance of vehicles. In addition, due to its use, the emissions load on the environment will be reduced. Therefore, work on the development of natural gas technology is now intensified in Belarus and Russia.

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