Questar Opens Biggest CNG Fueling Facility in U.S.

| USA, Houston TX

Questar time-fill CNGQuestar Fueling Company, a subsidiary of Questar Corporation, has opened a claimed largest compressed natural gas (CNG) public-private fueling facility in the United States, in Houston, Texas. It will serve up to 200 class-8 natural gas-powered trucks operated by Central Freight Lines and Swift Transportation as well as other fleet and general public users of natural gas vehicles (NGVs).

Central Freight Lines and Swift Transportation are projected to use about 5 million diesel-gallon equivalents of natural gas per year. The majority of the trucks will use a private facility featuring 120 time-fill dispensers, in which the trucks fill when parked.

Public access is available via five high-speed lanes of CNG fueling for class-8 trucks and two lines for light-duty NGVs.

“We’re confident Central Freight Lines and Swift Transportations’ move to CNG will provide environmental and economic benefits that will positively impact their businesses, customers and the communities in which they operate,” said Craig Wagstaff, executive vice president and COO of Questar Fueling.

“This is the first of three CNG-fueling facilities we will have across Texas,” said Don Orr, president and CEO of Central Freight Lines. “Our plans are to expand our fleet in the future with the addition of strategically located CNG stations to support our operations. Improving our transportation efficiencies is something our customers expect from us. Switching to abundant, clean-burning and domestically produced natural gas will help us improve efficiencies, operate more economically, reduce pollution and support our local economy.”

Questar_fast-fillQuestar informed NGV Global News that it has more than half a dozen refueling stations in design and under construction. The company also recently completed another station in Topeka, Kansas, which will be celebrated with an event in the spring.

“There’s no denying it,” said Jerry Moyes, chairman, founder and CEO of Swift Transportation. “Natural gas is playing an important part in transportation.”

The new CNG-fueling facility is owned and operated by Salt Lake City-based Questar Fueling, which custom designs, builds and operates CNG-stations for fleets.

(Source: Questar)

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