Quantum to Develop 5,000 psi CNG Tank for Australian Mining Applications

| USA, Lake Forest CA

Australian mining trucks to have Quantum 5000psi CNG tanksQuantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc. has received a contract to develop a specialized 5,000 psi CNG tank specifically configured for an integrated storage system for heavy duty mining trucks in Australia. The tank will be developed for an international industrial firm which supports mining and other manufacturing applications leveraging Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

The mining applications require availability of natural gas using virtual pipeline delivery methods and the use of CNG tanks for mining applications complements Quantum’s recently announced commercial entry into the virtual pipeline industry.

Quantum’s Q-LiteĀ® 5,000 psi prototype tank, housed in the customer’s integrated CNG storage system, is shown above powering a CAT 789C dump truck. The tank under development will be optimized to maximize CNG payload in this mining application. The Q-Lite tank technology is available for a multitude of CNG applications.

The tank was developed using the same design and production characteristics of Quantum’s Q-Lite CNG storage tanks being utilized on thousands of Class 6-8 on-road trucks around North America.

“The mining industry is a major energy user and mining companies around the world are increasingly focused on energy efficiency, lower emission and cost effective ways of generating power,” said Mr. Brian Olson, President and CEO of Quantum. “Although many thought mining would be dominated by LNG, Quantum and its commercial partners are now proving that CNG offers a much lower cost solution compared to diesel and LNG,” concluded Mr. Olson.

(Source: Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies)

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