PostNL’s Green Gas Fleet an Inspiration

| Netherlands, Nieuwegein

Pitpoint for PostNLPostNL, delivering mail across the Netherlands and internationally, commenced renewal of its fleet three years ago, replacing leased diesel-powered vehicles with cleaner natural gas vehicles powered by renewable natural gas (RNG), or ‘green gas’. Alternative fuels provider Pitpoint B.V. supplies fuel for these PostNL vehicles.

The mail deliverer is aiming to have alt-fuel vehicles in 25 Dutch cities by 2025, leading to more sustainable operations. Lucia Smit-Kleiman, as Fleet Management Coordinator, is responsible for the purchase and management of vehicles within PostNL. “The vehicle is a means and this has to fit between the other business processes. This not only concerns specifications, but also the route of delivery of the deliverer, the load volume, the action radius and all kinds of conditions.”

Since 2014, PostNL has replaced lease contracts for diesel cars by Green Gas Car Corporation (CNG) contracts, which are used in the transition to a fully-fledged fleet. Now, more than half of the PostNL fleet (more than 700 units) is running on RNG.

The condition that PostNL had stated was that drivers had to be able to refuel within an acceptable distance from the sorting / distribution center. This proved to be another challenge, as there were not many RNG stations at that time. Pitpoint has worked to ensure that PostNL’s wish for a well-accessible refueling network became reality, providing the infrastructure and maintenance of the service stations. “PostNL is looking for partners with which we can achieve our ambitions through good cooperation,” Smit-Kleiman said.

Driving on green gas is also well-liked by the delivery companies. “The new cars are not more expensive than the old cars, and conversations with drivers show that they are mostly quieter,” Smit-Kleiman added. “By ourselves giving a good example, we hope to inspire partners and other organizations to value ambitions.”

Source: Pitpoint BV

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