Polish CNG Projects Abound, Including Current Bus Tender

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MAN NG313 natural gas buses for Gdynia

2010 finished with a flurry or natural gas vehicle activity in Poland, according to reports carried by cng.auto.pl: new vehicles, new fleets, new filling stations.

Included is a Notice of Tender for 12 compressed natural gas (CNG) buses issued by the City of Zamosc. The specification requires vehicles capable of 60,000 kms per annum over a period of 12 years. Carpathian Branch Gas Trading Company (PGNiG SA) has committed to expanding CNG refuelling facilities in Zamosc. The project is co-financed by the European Union in the framework of Measure 5.3 Regional Operational Programme for 2007-2013. Terms of Reference for the tender are available here (Polish language). Submission deadline is Feb 9, 2011 at 10:00 AM.

Other stories

  • Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz, STS Car Distribution Centre will soon introduce a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter NGT with factory-fitted with CNG, aiming to stimulate interest from buyers wanting  ecological and economical operation. A 100 km in-city test is proposed to gauge effectiveness under local conditions.
  • The Municipal Transport Company in Gdynia, an important seaport of Gdańsk Bay, has expanded its fleet of compressed natural gas (CNG) buses to fourteen with the addition of four new MAN NG313 Lion’s City buses (A-23). The company says its diesel-powered vehicles will gradually be replaced with vehicles powered by natural gas (NGVs). The vehicles refuel at a station recently built by CNG gas company Pomorska Spółka Gazownictwa Sp. z o.o.
  • Tarnobrzeg Municipal Transport Company, in south-east Poland, is trialling a Jelcz M121 bus converted to run on CNG. If successful a number of fleet vehicles will be converted from diesel.
  • Work is starting on a new CNG station in Balicka Street, Kraków. Part of the PGNiG SA, the facility has been equipped with new Galileo equipment, including 2 new compressors with a capacity to 600m3 / h.
  • Inowroclaw Municipal Transport Company in northern Poland has  provided four CNG-powered Kapena C 65 Urby buses, built on Iveco chassis.  These small public transport vehicles can carry up to 31 people (including 14 seated) and are designed to carry disabled people on wheelchairs.

CNG Auto is a partner to the LPG LNG CNG GasShow 2011, to be held in Warsaw in March (details here).

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Quiet, economical and reliable – as the new buses to natural gas experts say. And Gdynia add that were it not for the presence of the bulky roof tops covering the steel gas tanks and filling the slot with a pressure gauge can think that is a typical three-axle city bus.
On Monday in Gdynia – another four-y MAN NG313 Lion’s City CNG (A-23) for gas set off the streets. On the seafront was a presentation of new CNG buses put into service by the Municipal Transport Company in Gdynia.
– In the next few years, we plan to withdraw from the operation of about 50 buses, introducing in their place modern units meet the highest environmental requirements. Our fleet of diesel-powered vehicles will be gradually replaced with modern technology vehicles powered by compressed natural gas – say the PKM in Gdynia. – This project plans to purchase 20 new vehicles adapted to burn the factory compressed natural gas.
Partner and supplier of gas fuel is CNG Gas Company Pomeranian Sp. z oo, Gdansk Branch, who built the station in May, a modular compressed natural gas refueling.
Vehicles are reliable, quiet, and the savings in fuel costs (translating to 100 km.), In comparison with diesel-powered buses – they reach 36 percent.
Source: naszemiasto.pl
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