Pittsburgh Receives Funding for CNG Refuse Trucks

| USA, Harrisburg PA

Grant money from Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority, or PEDA, will allow the City of Pittsburgh to pair with EQT Corporation for the replacement of four diesel-powered waste trucks with trucks powered by natural gas. Two of the trucks will be purchased with grant funds; the other two will be purchased by the partnership between Pittsburgh and EQT.

The city’s current refuse trucks consume an average of 4,800 gallons of diesel fuel per year. By using the equivalent of 630,000 cubic feet of natural gas, or 2.5 million cubic feet total, the project will save the city $38,400 per year. In addition, it will reduce the annual air emissions of CO2, particulate matter, NOx, VOC and CO by more than 200,000 pounds annually. Grant money of $500,000 will be matched with $593,000 from the recipient.

(This article compiled using information from a Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection press release)

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