PitPoint’s Erik Büthker Awarded Pin for European Standardization Work

| The Netherlands, Nieuwegein
Erik Buthker (left) receives NEN Pin Award

Erik Büthker (left) receives NEN Pin Award

Every two years, CEN and CENELEC (the European standardization organizations) distinguish presidents and secretaries of technical committees who have made an exceptional contribution to standardization in Europe. On 6 December 2017, the ‘Pin Award 2017 Ceremony’ took place at the new premises of the CEN-CENELEC Management Center in Brussels. Erik Büthker, Business Development Manager for PitPoint Fuels, was one of ten selected nominees, who eventually received the special mark of appreciation.

Erik Büthker received the Pin Award for his role as chairman of CEN / TC 408 ‘Natural gas and biomethane for use in transport and biomethane for injection in the natural gas grid’. At the request of the European Commission, this technical committee has developed two European standards that must contribute to the European Energy Union. This concerns quality specifications for the feeding in of biomethane into the natural gas network ( EN 16723-1 ) and for the use of biomethane as transport fuel ( EN 16723-2 ). These standards contribute to the transition to a low-carbon energy supply and clean mobility, ensuring safety and energy supply security.

At the presentation of the Pin Award Erik Büthker was praised for his chair qualities. Reference was made to the fact that he had reached consensus on a subject that was accompanied by sensitivities and that took place in a playing field with divergent interests. By listening carefully to the stakeholders and weighing the various interests against each other Erik Büthker has succeeded in his role as chairman – with input from experts for scientific substantiation – to publish the requested European standards.

Involvement in PGS

Erik Büthker is no stranger to NEN. In addition to his work for CEN / TC 408, Erik Büthker is also active as chairman or expert in the project teams responsible for PGS (Publicatiereeks Gevaarlijke Stoffen, tr. Publication Series Hazardous Substances) publications in the field of infrastructure for alternative fuels. These include PGS 25 for CNG filling stations, PGS 33-1 for LNG filling stations, PGS 33-2 for LNG bunker stations, PGS 35 for hydrogen filling stations and PGS 26 for the storage and repair of CNG and LNG vehicles. Erik Büthker is also chairman of the standards committee ‘LNG / CNG installations and equipment’ and participates in other standardization activities.

Source: NEN

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