PitPoint Builds Belgium’s Largest CNG Filling Station

| Belgium, Ghent

IVAGO fleet at slow-fill facilityThe site of IVAGO (‘Intercommunal Waste Management Association in Ghent and Regions’) is now home to the largest natural gas fueling station in Belgium. Officially inaugurated on October 6th by Flemish Minister of Energy, Bart Tommelein, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of IVAGO, Tine Heyse who collaborated to perform the first fiill with CNG.

The station is equipped with four fast-fill dispensers (two for passenger cars or vans and two for trucks) and 22 slow-fill dispensers for overnight refuelling when trucks are idle. In addition, over the next three years, capacity will be extended to 62 slow fill dispensers.

The station was built by PitPoint, a European specialist in the production and distribution of clean fuels. The investment for the entire project is EUR 1 million (USD 1.18 million).

IVAGO CNG Station in Ghent

Image credit: Ward Bosmans (@wardbosmans)

“By 2021, the IVAGO fleet will consist of no less than 106 CNG vehicles, of which 55 refuse collection vehicles,” says Heyse. “IVAGO wants to make an important contribution to clean air for all of Ghent. Less dust, less nitrogen oxides, less CO2 and less noise.”

Minister Bart Tommelein thanked IVAGO for efforts in the field of green mobility. “It helps us to realize the objectives of the Flemish government in this area,” which calls for 60,000 electric cars on Ghent’s streets and 40,000 natural gas vehicles, by 2020.

Currently there are 90 CNG stations in our country; the government has set a target of 300 by end of 2020. PitPoint plans to build two new stations before end of 2017.

Source: PitPoint – PitPoint is a member of NGVA Europe

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