PitPoint Adds to Benelux CNG Station Network

| The Netherlands, Nieuwegein

Dutch green energy provider PitPoint is doing its best to make compressed natural gas (CNG) and compressed biomethane (renewable natural gas – RNG) more available throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. In July, the company opened two new PitPoint stations in Belgium, in Aalsmeer and Turnhout. In late August another CNG station was opened, this one in Cuijk in southern Netherlands.

Including the new station at Cuijk, the total number of CNG filling stations in the Netherlands has reached 150!

The new CNG station in Cuijk is on exit 4 to highway A73, a major transportation route to the Port of Rotterdam. It is integrated into the Nabuurs Shell gas station. Jeroen Nabuurs, co-owner of Nabuurs Station in Cuijk: “With our service area, we are constantly trying to respond to the changing needs of our customers. Refueling CNG is a logical development for us, which fits into the transition from riding on traditional fuels for new energy.”

Taxi van Dijk is pleased with the new clean tank location: “An increasing number of our clients want us to ride using clean fuels. European procurement specifically asks to run on CNG. We have here in the purchase of our new CNG vehicles – 7 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter minibuses and 6 Skoda Octavia passenger cars — the means to meet this demand. Because we can now fill in Cuijk CNG we can better respond to the demand for sustainable transport.”

The new location is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for CNG refueling. The CNG filling station accept the conventional bank cards as eg Maestro, VISA, ATM VPay and petrol cards such as Travel Card and Multi Tank Card.

(Source: PitPoint)

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