PHH Facilitates CNG for US-Wide Fleet Operations

| USA, Sparks MD

PHH Arval, a global fleet management services provider, has expanded its alternative fuel capabilities through an agreement with Pennsylvania-based VNG.CO, creator of a nationwide compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling network in the United States. The agreement will support PHH fleets integrating light-duty natural gas vehicles (NGVs) into their operations.

Across the nation fleet operators can take advantage of NGVs to save up to 40 percent on fuel costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20-25 percent, while enjoying the bi-fuel utility and functionality of gasoline and diesel vehicles. VNG co-locates CNG fueling equipment within existing gasoline stations convenient to fleet routes at no cost to the fleet operator. VNG takes responsibility for the ownership and operation of the CNG fueling facilities.

“Lack of station availability is often cited for not making the switch to CNG vehicles – which are more environmentally friendly and considerably cheaper to refuel, than their gasoline and diesel counterparts. That won’t be the reason anymore,” said Bob Sandler, vice president, Enterprise Consulting and Analytics, PHH Arval.

(Source: PHH)

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