Peters Shipyards Celebrates Award-Winning ‘Greenstream’

| The Netherlands

Shell Greenstream LNGThe Royal Netherlands Society of Professionals in Shipping Technology (KNVTS) has voted Peters Shipyards as the most innovative ship builder and selected the Greenstream, an inland waterway Type C Tanker, for the KNVTS Ship of the Year Award. The prestigious award was presented for the 16th time at the Maritime Awards Gala at the ‘Broodfabriek’ in Rijswijk (The Hague) on October 31, 2013. The Greenstream is a liquefied natural gas (LNG)-fueled tank barge launched by Shell in March 2013.

KNVTS says the 110m vessel stands out as an example of the innovative design and construction of ships in response to high fuel prices and tougher environmental requirements in the Dutch inland. The ship uses only LNG as fuel for diesel-electric propulsion system and the auxiliary company. The ship was built by Peters Shipyards in Kampen for Interstream Barging (ISB) and is chartered by Shell Netherlands for operation on the Rhine.

The LNG system in combination with the chosen hull shape has resulted in performance comparable to a conventional diesel installation but with a significant reduction in emissions of CO2 (25%) and NOX (80%) and virtually no emissions of SO2 and particulate matter.

“It is extraordinary to see that dedicated LNG has been selected as the fuel for this ship and not a hybrid propulsion solution,” said jury chairman Arie Peterse, acknowledging the courage of the owner and shipbuilder.

(Source: KNVTS and Peters Shipyard)

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