Parker Brings Fleet Fuel Dispenser to North American Market

| USA, Long Beach CA
Parker CNG Dispenser introduced May 2014

Business Development Manager Madhukar (Duke) Puniani introduces the CNG dispenser.

Parker Hannifin Corporation, a global leader in motion and control technologies, has introduced to the North American market a new Parker Industrial Bulk CNG Dispenser, described as the only entirely integrated fuel dispenser on the North American market. It forms part of Parker’s range of industrial and fleet fuel dispensing solutions for high-flow, high-cycle compressed natural gas (CNG) applications, featuring a 4:1 safety factor on all pressure-rated metal parts.

The new dispenser features best-in-class certified components from Parker; ANSI NGV 4.1/CSA 12.5 compliant design; and ANSI/NGV 4.2/CSA 2.52 certified hoses, all designed to work together, ensuring time savings, exceptional durability, minimal downtime, safety, and consistent, reliable service.

Parker Veriflo CNG DispenserThe CNG dispenser was designed by Parker’s Veriflo Division. Veriflo is a manufacturer of precision gas flow management products with over 85 years of industry experience. Breakthrough features of the dispenser include: 4X burst pressure rating components; ball valves with a high cycle life of 100,000 full cycles, reducing maintenance and minimizing downtime with a cycle life more than 2 times the industry standards; integrated system design resulting in 15-20% fewer leak paths; a robust enclosure and high-strength stainless steel frame with integrated hanging hardware for fueling hoses; as well as advanced diagnostics and monitoring using low-power electronic components.

Parker launched the fleet and bulk CNG dispenser in Long Beach, California, at the co-located NGV Global 2014 and 2014 Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo, where compressed natural gas is being highlighted as an alternative fuel choice that is safer, cleaner and greener. At the launch Madhukar Puniani, Business Development Manager of Parker Hannifin’s Instrumentation Group, explained there are already more than 500 dispenser installation sites in other parts of the globe, adding that “As alternative becomes mainstream [in North America] Parker is there to support it”.

In North America, the dispenser is targeted at private industrial, commercial, and fleet customers with a range of CNG vehicles, such as county vehicles, taxis, delivery and day cab trucks, cement trucks, school and transit buses, and waste refuse/recycling vehicles. This market segment is growing at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 30% and reflects 50% of the North American natural gas fueling market.

Parker dispenser on display at NGV Global - ACT Expo 2014

Parker dispenser on display at NGV Global – ACT Expo 2014

The Industrial Bulk CNG Fuel Dispenser is an out-of-the-box option designed and assembled by Parker engineers to the toughest design and build requirements. It comes with choice of one to three inlet lines with 35 kg/min and 70 kg/min flow rate options. All tubes, fittings, and connections are made of stainless steel.

According to Anil Raina, Engineering Manager, Parker Veriflo/Instrumentation Group, “The Parker CNG dispenser was designed with safety as a top priority, and uses a specially designed frame, series of unique protective sensors, breakaway couplings, and hose disconnects to eliminate the risk of mechanical or user malfunctions. It also provides shut off switches for gas flow on both sides of operation. Both delivery and vent hoses are rated for 5,000 psi to set the highest safety standards on the market.”

Tamara Horne, General Manager of Parker’s Veriflo Division, noted “As a multi-technology provider with a global footprint assuring local availability, Parker saves customers time and money by reducing the need for multiple suppliers. The Industrial Bulk CNG Dispenser is a model example of Parker’s ability to leverage its premium components and engineering expertise to develop a complete system.”

There are more than 16.7 million natural gas vehicles in use worldwide as at end 2012 according to NGV Global, and natural gas as a transportation fuel has many advantages, including domestic availability, widespread distribution in infrastructure, low cost, low flammability, and inherently clean-burning qualities, with low emissions and particulates.

(Source: Parker Hannifin)


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