Paris City Hall Uses LNG-Fuelled Trucks

| France, Paris

Iveco and Renault selected to supply natural gas powered trucks equipped with Allison AutomaticsIn France, the publicly-financed vehicle fleet of Paris City Hall, which since 2014 has halted the purchase of diesel vehicles as a matter of ecological policy, has taken delivery of 11 new heavy goods vehicles and utilities vehicles with Allison transmissions and powered by natural gas. Iveco and Renault models were selected.

When comparing the new arrivals to others in their total fleet of 100 trucks, ranging from 16 to 44 tons, the fleet operator reports that their new natural gas vehicles are delivering significant improvements in fuel economy, driving responsiveness, and reliability. By switching trucks to clean energy sources rather than diesel, and by using fully automatic Allison transmissions rather than automated manual transmissions (AMTs), sustainability commitments are being met at the same time as reducing fuel consumption by up to 17 percent.

At Paris City Hall, the 11 natural gas-powered additions to the fleet consist of two Iveco Eurocargo vehicles, two Iveco Stralis tractors and seven Renault models from the D Wide range. They transport a wide range of items for various departments, including logs felled by woodcutters in the parks, paving stones, school equipment, documents and more.

Hervé Foucard, Head of the Transportation Fleet, said that in association with natural gas engines, the automatic transmissions optimise the performance of the vehicles and drivers enjoy exceptional driving ease. Maintenance costs are also lower due to the reduced wear and tear on engines.

Source: Allison Transmission Holdings Inc.

Members: Renault and Iveco are associate members of NGV Global (through NGVA Europe)

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