Paraná CNG Fuel Sales Accelerating in Brazil

| Brazil, Curitiba

Over the past three months, the sales volume of Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) rose 6.02% in Paraná, a southern state of Brazil. Data is from a survey conducted monthly by Compagas (Companhia Paranaense de Gas S.A.), the regional gas distributor. In July, the NGV consumption in the state was 87,572 m³/day, August reached 91,900 m³/day and in September rose to 92,845 m³/day. Compagas says the rise is justified by the advantages of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) compared to liquid fuels.

In the same period, natural gas remained approximately 49% cheaper than ethanol and gasoline. This advantage is possible because, besides being cheaper in price, CNG yields more: an average car in an urban setting travels 7 km with 1 liter of ethanol, about 10 km if using gasoline, and at least 13 km with 1 m³ of natural gas in Colombia.

Furthermore, in Paraná another benefit is the 60% discount in the amount of Tax on Motor Vehicles (property taxes) for vehicles with CNG; while owners of cars fueled by gasoline and ethanol pay 2.5% on the value of the car, owners of cars with CNG only pay 1%.

Currently, about 33,000 vehicles refuel from 39 CNG stations in the cities of Curitiba, Pinhais, Campo Largo, Ponta Grossa, Colombo, Paranaguá, Pinewoods and Londrina (Gastech).

(Source: Compagas)

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