OrangeGas Reaches 35 CNG Stations in Germany

| Germany: Hamburg

Germany - OrangeGas acquisitionNetherlands-based OrangeGas has expanded its network of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) filling stations in Germany with the acquisition of 12 CNG stations from a subsidiary of Marquard & Bahls AG Germany, Mabagas Fuel GmbH & Co., a provider of  biomethane (renewable natural gas). The takeover, which took place on 15 June, expands the OrangeGas network to 105 stations, of which 35 are in Germany and 75 in the Netherlands.

OrangeGas and OIL! Tankstellen GmbH & Co. KG, another Marquard & Bahls subsidiary, will continue to cooperate in the future as 11 of the 12 stations acquired are at OIL! locations. Robert Kurtze, managing director OIL! says: “In addition to this acquisition, we see great potential in the future cooperation with OrangeGas. We have found an independent party specializing in the sale of clean fuels in Germany with the ambition to become the largest in North West Europe.”

Mabagas disposed of the CNG stations by Mabagas to OrangeGas because the limited size of their operation did not justify retention, whereas OrangeGas has the momentum for sustained expansion, aiming to reach 150 CNG stations in Germany and become market leader. In Germany, where ‘green gas’ / CNG is really seen as a solution to achieve the environmental objectives in clean mobility, there are a total of 915 filling stations.

“This is an important step in our ambition to become market leader in Germany,” says Marcel Borger, director and founder of OrangeGas. “We are very pleased with this acquisition and in OIL! have found a partner to further expand the network in the future.”

Both the government and major manufacturers such as Volkswagen are focusing on green gas / CNG. SEAT wants to make all models from the factory available with CNG in the foreseeable future and become the largest CNG car manufacturer.

OrangeGas was founded in 2008 by the brothers-in-law Marcel Borger and Pelle Schlichting with the aim to sell clean fuels with their own network and thus make an important contribution to clean mobility in Europe. OrangeGas has also been active in Germany since December 2017.

OIL! Tankstellen GmbH & Co. KG is part of Mabanaft, the trading division of Marquard & Bahis Germany. Since 1994, OIL! an independent brand with a growing network of 330 filling stations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark, including 230 filling stations in Germany.

Source: OrangeGas – an Associate member of NGV Global and member of NGVA Europe

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