OnCue Adds CNG Stations in Oklahoma

| USA, Stillwater OK | Source: Convenience Store News

OnCue Express, a convenience store chain based out of Stillwater, Oklahoma, will open three more compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations by the end of this year, reports Convenience Store News. The stations will be located in Del City, Enid and Stillwater. The company has claimed that with the completion of these three it will become the largest operator of CNG stations in the State. Furthermore, the company says that, combining all operators, there will be more than 70 stations operating in Oklahoma by end 2012.

“The economic and environmental benefits of natural gas as a transportation fuel are well documented, and our company believes that increasing CNG accessibility is the right thing to do for our customers and our country. We hope the addition of more CNG stations will continue to increase demand for this domestic fuel,” said Jim Griffith, CEO of OnCue Express. His company has delivered CNG at a consistent price of $1.39 GGE for the past 18 months, while unleaded fuels have reached as high as $4 gallon.

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