Omnitek Engineering Expands Business With Tata Motors

| USA, San Marcos CA

Tata Nano CNG Concept

Omnitek Engineering Corporation, a developer and provider of new natural gas engines and conversion systems, has been selected by India-based Tata Motors to supply original equipment high-pressure natural gas filters for 2012 passenger vehicles, expanding a supplier agreement for commercial vehicle filter applications that commenced in 2009.

“The expansion of our supplier relationship with Tata Motors reflects the rapidly expanding utilization of natural gas vehicles in India and advancements in engine technology — particularly the shift to fuel injection systems in which a coalescing filter is a critical component of a compressed natural gas system, providing 99.9 protection from solid particulate matter and oil aerosols which can damage fuel injections, carburetors and regulators. We are gratified by Tata Motor’s confidence in our high-pressure filter and look forward to continued growth in India,” said Werner Funk, president and chief executive officer of Omnitek Engineering Corporation.

Funk noted that demand for Omnitek’s high-pressure natural gas filter has increased significantly in the USA and abroad since its filter received international certification in 2010 based on tests conducted by an independent agency and standards sanctioned by the United Nation’s Economic Commission for Europe, specifically UN-ECE-110R.

“In addition to Tata, numerous OEM customers report superior performance from Omnitek’s multi-layer filter element over competing brands, including Mahindra & Mahindra; Mahindra Navistar; Swaraj Mazda and Force Motors,” Funk said. He highlighted the contributions of Advantek Fuel Systems, the company’s distributor in India, in gaining major market share for Omnitek’s high-pressure natural gas filters in the region. Funk also noted that domestic demand for Omnitek’s high-pressure filter continues to expand, enhanced by the acceleration of natural gas engine conversions across the United States, particularly light and heavy duty vehicles.

(This article compiled using information from an Omnitek Engineering Corporation press release)

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