Omnitek Engineering Appoints Master Distributor in Indonesia

| USA and Indonesia

Omnitek Engineering Corporation has appointed PT Bayu Buana Energy (BBG) as a master distributor for the company’s products in Indonesia, with a particular focus on diesel-to natural gas conversion kit sales for truck, bus and power generator applications.

“The distribution agreement with PT Bayu Buana Energy will greatly enhance Omnitek’s presence in a market with enormous growth potential. A plentiful supply of natural gas combined with an estimated savings of up to 50 percent compared with diesel fuel are compelling reasons to convert to natural gas,” said Werner Funk, president and chief executive officer of Omnitek Engineering Corporation.

He highlighted the increased availability of natural gas and the region’s focus on utilizing inexpensive fuel for transportation and power generation as factors that support Omnitek’s expectations for growth in Indonesia. “Converting diesel engines to operate on natural gas provides an economical solution without the cost of new engine replacements for power generators, trucks and buses,” Funk added.

“With a return on investment (ROI) of approximately one year and increased cost for diesel fuel, diesel-to-natural gas conversion technology fills an important product gap for our organization as well as Indonesia. As a master distributor for Omnitek in Indonesia, our goal is to increase the gas volume sales of the Group and create a new business line in converting power generators and vehicles,” said BBG director Iman Jahan Akbarsyah.

BBG, a private company which distributes and commercializes natural gas in Indonesia, states it is the first privately owned company to develop and apply CNG technology in Indonesia. It is a member of Green Energy Investment Group – an owner of natural gas distribution pipelines and CNG stations in Indonesia. BBG offers a complete NGV (Natural Gas for Vehicle) system, from providing the natural gas resources, filling stations, to the conversion technology for oil-to-gas.

Item primarily compiled using information from an Omnitek Engineering Corporation press release.

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