Omnitek Appoints Diesel-to-Natural Gas Conversion Dealer-Installer in Ontario

| USA, Vista CA

Omnitek Engineering Corporation, developer of proprietary diesel-to-natural gas engine conversion systems, has appointed Tallman Truck Centre of Kingston, Ontario, Canada, as an authorized installation center for its diesel-to-natural gas engine conversion systems in the region. Terms were not disclosed. Tallman is a certified operator of a network of eight commercial truck dealerships in in South-East Ontario, covering the major transportation routes between Ottawa and Toronto.

“The addition of Tallman Truck Centre to our network of North American conversion centers provides a solid platform for growth in a region with significant supplies of natural gas and pent-up demand from heavy-duty truck fleet operators,” said Werner Funk, president and chief executive officer of Omnitek Engineering Corporation.

Omnitek Engineering is accelerating its conversion center partnerships throughout the United States and Canada since receiving EPA approval for its diesel-to-natural gas engine conversion technology for the widely operated line of heavy-duty Navistar DT466E and DT530E engines.

The company expects to obtain EPA and CARB approval for additional diesel engine models to address the anticipated increasing demand from trucking fleets that operate with other diesel engine models.

“We are seeing a pique in interest for diesel engine conversions from our customers, especially because of the economic and environmental benefits it could have for their business. We look forward to working with Omnitek to further increase the adoption of natural gas in Ontario fleets,” said Bill Scanlon of Tallman Truck Centre Limited.

Funk noted that Omnitek’s conversion technology offers a projected return on investment of less than two years.

(Source: Omnitek Engineering)

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