Oasis Unveils Ultra-Fast CNG Fill System

| New Zealand, Tauranga

Oasis_Ultra-fast_fill_Apr2014Oasis Engineering has unveiled a new compressed natural gas (CNG) transfer system, Oasis Ultra Fast Fill System™. Oasis says this is the first of its kind on the market that ensures an ultra-fast transfer of CNG from storage, through dispenser to the waiting truck. The range of products, including tank-head and ball valves, manifolds, breakaways, and filling nozzles all work together to ensure ultra-fast delivery.

“Oasis has recognised the benefits CNG customers will get from this unique combination of products. With the UFF system the CNG filling experience becomes much more like a conventional fuel filling experience.” says Andy Cameron Managing Director of Oasis. “Cooler, smoother gas flow means more efficient filling and this is what vehicle owners need to make CNG work for them.”

It is thanks to all the dedication and hard work from the expert Oasis team, both in New Zealand and the United States, which has contributed to the development of this innovative system, and we are extremely excited to take it to market after a lot of research and development.

(Source: Oasis Engineering)

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