Oasis First to Deliver NGV 3.1-2014 Certified Ultra Fast Fill Cylinder Ball Valve

| New Zealand, Tauranga

Oasis Engineering, a New Zealand based specialist in high precision turning and machining, has had their Cylinder Ball Valve pass all the tests required by the ANSI NGV 3.1-2014 Standard, thereby becoming in the company’s words “the first Ultra Fast Fill Cylinder Valve in the World with a flow coefficient (Cv) of 6.7”.

Oasis Cylinder Valves are suitable for CNG users looking at improving filling times to the fastest possible, achieved by a wide and unrestricted internal flow path in conjunction with CNC machining, eliminating restrictions caused by conventional cylinder valves.

Another great feature of the Ultra Fast Fill Cylinder Ball Valve is its cylinder neck adjustable adapter which is an improvement to the conventional cylinder valve neck adapter, allowing positioning of the valve where you want it to be without the need to rotate the cylinder.

Features and Benefits:

  • Full flow quarter turn ball valve with ½” (13mm) minimum internal restriction for the fastest possible filling with minimal cylinder neck valve constriction
  • Positional Adapter which is a vast improvement over conventional cylinder valves.
  • Saves installation time and cost
  • Easily serviceable with kits that are readily available.

Oasis says the ball valve has applications for trucks & buses, ground storage, bulk gas trailers, virtual pipelines and mobile fuelling systems.

(Source: Oasis Engineering)

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