Oasis Engineering Launches NGV1 Light Duty Transit Nozzle

| New Zealand, Tauranga

Oasis Engineering Light Duty Transit Nozzle - NGV1Oasis Engineering, a manufacturer and global supplier of valves and couplings, has launched its new Light Duty NGV1 Transit Nozzle. With improved ergonomics and redesigned operating functions for public station use, the Oasis Light Duty NGV1 Transit Nozzle is set to make waves in the CNG industry.

The company says that not only does this product have the highest flow rate out of any other NGV1 fill valve configuration on the market, but also has the longest life cycle and is easily serviced in the field which saves on station downtime.

Features Include:

  • 90 Degree Fill Valve Body Design with NGV1 P30/P36 Nozzle Assembled
  • Nozzle Designed to ANSI/CGA NGV1 Standards
  • Inlet Connection is Female 9/16 – 18 SAE
  • Extended Cycle Testing to Ensure Longevity
  • Port Adaptor Options Available Upon Request
  • Hardened Segment Connection Nozzle Design Increases Gripping Surface Area & Reduces Wear in Receptors

Oasis Engineering invites familiarisation with its latest product for the natural gas vehicle (NGV) industry for a special free-of-charge 3 month trial period. Further information is available by contacting the company at info@oasisngv.com or by going to www.OasisNGV.com.

Source: Oasis Engineering

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