Norway Approves LNG Bunkering for Boarded Ferries

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Norled dedicated LNG-fuelled FerryNorled Adds Two Dedicated LNG Ferries to Fleet

Norway’s Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning (DSB) has amended its regulations relating to the handling of hazardous substances to allow refueling of ships with Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) while passengers are on board. The change stipulates that LNG refueling can proceed as long as adequate measures to protect third parties on board the ship and on land have been implemented, and DSB has given its consent.

The revised regulation brings Norway into line with Swedish and Danish regulations that allow refueling with passengers on board, easing the problems for ferries needing to refuel at LNG bunkering facilities at or near their home base.

The amendment applied immediately the decision was made, effective 13 December 2013, and covers bunkering from land-based refueling depots or from LNG tankers. DSB has declared the changes to be transitional while they give further consideration to safe practices.

DSB will also work with the Norwegian Maritime Directorate to establish appropriate regulations for the bunkering of LNG by barge/ship to ship.

Norled Dedicated LNG Ferries

In the meantime shipowner Norled AS has selected Skangass, a Norwegian LNG-based energy solutions provider, as LNG supplier to their two new ferries. The ferries are among the world’s first ferries utilizing only LNG as fuel. LNG is used both for the machinery and supporting functions, for electricity and heating on board the ferries. They will carry up to 160 cars plus passengers between Stavanger and Tau in Norway, contributing to a large reduction in the emissions of CO2, Nox and sulphur.

Altogether the 124-metre ferries will have a weekly consumption of about 65 tons LNG. Bunkering will in general take place 2-3 times a week. They commence service in January 2014.

“This is Norway’s first entirely gas-driven ferry and this is something we believe in for the future. It is environmental friendly and an investment for the future both for the ship owner and for the passengers,” said Norled’s Managing Director, Ivan Fossan, when “Ryfylke”, one of the ferries, recently bunkered LNG for the first time.

“We are happy to discover more interest in using LNG as fuel for ships. The onshore industry has been a considerable customer up to now, but currently we are experiencing increased demand for LNG within shipping,” says Tor Morten Osmundsen, Managing Director of Skangass. The company also provides LNG refueling services for Fjord Line.

(Sources: Direktoratet for Samfunnssikkerhet og Beredskap (DSB) and Skangass)

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