Nordlaks Orders Second LNG Hybrid Well Boat

| Norway: Stokmarknes | Source: Nordlaks

Nordlaks LNG Hybrid designNorwegian aquaculture company Nordlaks has ordered a second well boat with LNG / battery hybrid propulsion and is in the process of cutting down the use of diesel for transport of live fish from 2021. The first hybrid well boat is already under construction. Boat number two is based on the same design from NSK Ship Design.

In cooperation with NSK Ship Design, the NOx Fund and Enova, Nordlaks has chosen to invest in liquefied natural gas (LNG) as an energy carrier in the well boats, which is also supplemented with a large battery pack and shore power connection. Enova SF is owned by Norway’s Ministry of Climate and Environment and contributes to reduced greenhouse gas emissions, development of energy and climate technology and a strengthened security of supply.

“Enova is working to develop and implement new energy and climate technology so that Norway can become a low-emission society. Then we depend on players like Nordlaks who are willing to go ahead. Battery solutions at sea are one of the necessary changes we must see in the transport sector, where the aquaculture industry also has a great potential for cutting the diesel consumption. The experience of Nordlaks will make it easier for others in the industry to follow suit”, says marketing and development director Øyvind Leistad in Enova.

Nordlaks fishing wellboat LNG-battery hybrid

Major NOx Reduction

In addition, the use of natural gas will reduce the CO2 emissions by 30 percent compared to a traditional diesel engine, since a clean gas engine utilizes the energy of the fuel more efficiently. The use of liquefied natural gas will also result in a 90 percent reduction in the emissions of the environmentally hazardous NOx gas.

“The business sector’s own support scheme, the NOx fund, supports well boat number two with up to NOK 56 million (USD 6.61m). The significant support is based on the large NOx reduction the vessel achieves when converting from diesel to LNG. The emission cut is calculated to be 136,000 kg NOx. This corresponds to NOx emissions from approximately 85,000 new diesel cars with EURO 6 emission standard. With the new well boats, Nordlaks becomes a pioneer in their ship segment. We have long called for the use of gas engines for well boats and hope that more will learn from this and follow suit”, says CEO Tommy Johnsen in the NOx Fund.

Both vessels are designed by NSK Ship Design in Harstad. “It is of course a great day for us when Nordlaks now announces that they have ordered another boat from our design NSK4126. We have steel belief in the concept of a clean LNG / battery solution, which also provides savings in fuel costs compared to the use of traditional well boats”, says marketing manager Thomas Myhre of NSK Ship Design.

The steel cutting ceremony for NSK4126 / NB1088, the preliminary cryptic designation of the first of Nordlaks’ two new well boats, took place on October 16, 2018. The DNV GL classified “+1A-R0-E0-Gas Fuelled-TMON-Battery Safety” 84.25m vessel is expected to be delivered in 2021.

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