Non-Interrupted Service CNG Van Solution Cuts Costs and Time

| USA, Richmond VA
Baker NIS CNG Van

The Baker-equipped NIS CNG Van ready for service

Baker Equipment, an automotive and alternative fuel solutions provider and custom fabricator in the US, has developed what it claims is the first non-interrupted service (NIS) CNG van solution, with installed CNG fuel tank options of up to 65-GGE (8,125 cubic ft.) that fuel both the van and the customer premises, during meter and customer supply line change-outs. The solution aims to decrease costs associated with gas meter and customer supply line change-out operations by eliminating portable CNG tanks and trailers, while supporting the gas utility industry’s mission to promote natural gas as a clean, affordable, domestic motor fuel.

Federal and state rules require gas utilities to regularly perform gas meter and customer supply line inspections and replacements. Gas utilities are transitioning to non-interrupted service (NIS) change-outs, to increase customer satisfaction, while reducing change-out cost and liability. Gas field service technicians now need vehicles with an on-board source of natural gas to fuel customer premises, during non-interrupted meter or supply line change-outs.

Baker’s NIS CNG Van Solution reduces the amount of time required for non-interrupted meter change-out (NIMCO) and supply line repairs arising from federal Distribution Integrity Management Programs (DIMP), by eliminating the need for separate CNG tanks and trailers. Skip Baker, president of Baker Equipment, said, “The Baker NIS CNG Van Solution saves approximately 20-minutes per meter or coupling change-out. The savings add up very quickly.”

The Baker CNG NIS Van Solution is compatible with selected GM and Ford full-size vans, in dedicated CNG or bi-fuel CNG engine systems, and with selected Quigley 4-wheel drive options.

This information compiled using information from a Baker Equipment press release.



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