Ningbo Xinle Commissions 181 Metre Dual-Fuel LNG Carrier

| China, Ningbo

Ningbo Xinle LNG Carrier commissioningNingbo Xinle Shipbuilding Group held a steel cutting ceremony on April 18, 2013 to commission the construction of China’s first dual-fuel 30,000 cubic meters Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) carrier. Costing approx. USD 1.053 million, the dual-fuel vessel is planned for launch in March 2015. The vessel will be contracted by Petrochina to deliver LNG along China’s coast.

The LNG carrier will measure 181 metres long x 28 metres wide, with depth of 19 meters and draft of 7.8 meters.

LNG marine developments are not the only area of natural gas implementation in Ningbo, where city government is working to alleviate vehicle-generated pollution in the city. According to a “Work of the Government” report published in January, the city plans to acquire 115 new LNG buses for public transportation fleets and already has 396 LNG vehicles in operation, helping to reduce particulate matter emissions.

(Primary source: Ning Bo Xinle Shipbuilding Group Co. Ltd)

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