Ningbo to Combat Air Pollution with Switch to Natural Gas Vehicles

| China, Ningbo | Source: Ningbo Evening News

Ningbo port container trucks queue for cargo (Image: Ningbo Port)

In the Chinese city of Ningbo, the port of which has recorded the greatest growth in container business in the world, motor vehicle exhaust emissions has become a major source of urban air pollution; the vehicle population passed 1 million at end 2010. The Ningbo Municipal Development and Reform Commission has set in motion measures to improve the environment and promote energy conservation by introducing a plan to promote conversion to natural gas fuel for urban buses, taxis and port container trucks, reports Ningbo Evening News.

The plan will gradually be implemented, first in the city centre, including the districts of Haishu, Jiangdong, Jiangbei, Yinzhou, Zhenhai, Beilun City, then in other counties (cities ) in accordance with the actual situation of each area.

During this twelfth five-year plan period, the Commission aims to convert thousands of vehicles to natural gas: 2500 buses (50% of total fleet) supported by 10 filling stations, 3500 dual-fuel taxis (70%) supplied by 15-20 stations, and 500 port container trucks (40%) supplied by 3 to 4 stations. The first filling stations for taxis are expected to be operational in April.

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