ANGVA Reports on NGV Philippines Round Table Forum

| Philippines | Source: ANGVA
Philippines-ANGVA Forum Oct2013 Undersecretary Ayson

Ms. Loreta G. Ayson, Undersecretary of Department of Energy

Although the Philippine’s first compressed natural gas (CNG) daughter station started operation in Manila in 2008 under the Natural Gas Vehicles Program for Public Transport (NGVPPT), and 61 compressed natural gas buses commenced operation, fuel supply constraints choked the clean transportation initiative. Reporting on the recently held Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) Philippines Roundtable Forum 2013, the Asia Pacific Natural Gas Vehicles Association (ANGVA) says new life is now being breathed into the Program.

To revitalize the NGVPPT, PNOC EC is now entrusted by the Philippines’ Department of Energy to build NGV refueling stations (based on the mother-daughter system) to supply natural gas to 200 CNG buses in Metro Manila. PNOC EC is now in the process of calling for bids.

To resolve the issue of gas supply and limited infrastructure, steps are now being taken to build LNG receiving terminals to import natural gas to supply power plants, industry and vehicles in Philippines.

(Source: ANGVA)

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