NGV Promotion the Collective Goal of ANGA and AGA

| USA, Washington DC

More than 50 producers and distributors of natural gas from America’s Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA) and the American Gas Association (AGA) are working collaboratively to advance the development and utilization of natural gas vehicles and fueling infrastructure in the North American marketplace.

“Advancing our country’s energy independence is vital and we are pleased to work directly with AGA to develop and promote policies that will make an American natural gas transportation network a reality,” said ANGA President and CEO Regina Hopper. “This will make it easier for businesses and consumers to embrace this clean, affordable and domestic transportation choice.”

The ANGA-AGA joint initiative will encourage stakeholder dialogue to advance greater use of North American natural gas for transportation. Specifically, the collective effort will focus on infrastructure development, greater fleet usage, vehicle production, and marketing and education for natural gas transportation.

“Natural gas producers and distributors recognize that the private sector must play a leading role,” said Dr. Kathryn Clay, Executive Director of the joint effort. “This joint work will continue important efforts to help manufacturers meet demands for vehicles that run on natural gas, and ensure that the infrastructure is in place to fill them up. Our message is simple – from well to fuel dispenser, we will work to expand the use of these vehicles.”

This article compiled using information from an AGA press release.

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