NGV Global 2017 Calls for Abstracts – Deadline Draws Closer

NGV 2017 LogoNGV GLOBAL 2017 Conference and Exhibition, the world’s leading natural gas conference, bringing together stakeholders and prospective entities of the natural gas for transportation sector from around the globe, has received a very positive response to the Call for Abstracts, already assuring high quality, varied and informed engagement for registered participants. The organisers of the event remind those of you yet to prepare your submission that the Abstract closure date is November 15.

Whether you represent transportation fleet operators, technology companies, OEMs, infrastructure developers, fuel providers, and/or policymakers, NGV Global 2017 provides a world leading forum for sharing success, contributing to industry outcomes and uniting in the push for natural gas and biomethane (renewable natural gas) as a fuel that will contribute now, to cleaner transportation through reduced emissions.

Major land-based and water-based natural gas transportation entities have already engaged with NGV Global to set up the program. Join in by going to the NGV Global 2017 website ‘Call for Abstracts’ webpage and registering your interest. Other webpages inform you about the event and enable you to plan your trip to Rotterdam in March next year.

Late submissions may be accepted depending on available places in the program and how they complement the event sessions. Late acceptance is at the organiser’s discretion.

Call for Abstracts, go to (closes 15 November)

Register online, go to (Early Bird closes 15 December)

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